Friday, August 9, 2013

Pwning Everywhere: The Bus Android Tablet

Hello everybody,

This new section is called "Pwning Everywhere" in where basically I will post -as the name says- all the coolest hacks I made in software, hardware or any weird thing that crosses my way.

This time, like a very curious guy I am, when traveling on a bus I was very bored and then I tried to watch some horror movies in the Android tablet which is located in front of the sit, so I just started looking for something good to see -nothing- then I decided to explore a bit. After poking around for some time this is what I found:

Access to the config

Access to the File system (looking for the horror movies) hehe

Access to the File system

Found a functionality to execute a shell!

Application shell access!

This was the first time I worked with Android and I think it was not so bad after all, but bad for my neck!

NOTE: I did not modified/deleted anything, for those who are scared about cracking actions. hehe

Thanks for watching.


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