Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Binary Auditing Training Package (chr1x's Walkthrough)

Some time ago, browsing the Internetz I found a very very nice resource for those who are interested in learning BA (Binary Analysis) using tools such as IDA Pro. This resource in a shape of a training package called "Free IDA Pro Binary Auditing Training Material for University Lectures". This training is a complete set of information along with different "challenges" (Crackme's and ReverseMe's sounds familiar?) which are included on the same package with the aim to test your new knowledge. Nasty, right?

Since I am a guy who LOVES challenges, I've decided to start solving the contained challenges as a self-learning practice. I am going to publish the challenges on a video format just to give you an easy and graphical view of the way I used to solve them.

It is good to mention that I am not just doing dead-code analysis using IDA, I am also planning to follow the flow through the dynamic part (using a Debugger) in order to get a good understanding about how to analyze -or use the tools- depending of the target/situation.

As soon as I complete each challenge, I will update this blog so I'd suggest you to subscribe to the blog and you can get noticed once new content is uploaded.

I am going to advance as my spare time permits, It's not a promise but I'll try to upload stuff in a regular manner.

Final words:

I would like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Thorsten Schneider for give us the opportunity to get access to such amazing resource FOR FREE.


The Binary Auditing Training / Official website:
The Binary Auditing Training Package (zip file) can be obtained directly from here.
- Zip password: fdcd2ff4c2180329053650f3075d39f4
- MD5 Hash: c2b4720549b3410385087fa1b1e28bc7

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